5 Hollywood actors whose acting careers have developed after long setbacks

Today, the whole planet knows the names of these actors. They have many fans, on their account dozens of successful roles, and they continue to be in demand in movies.

But once their acting career was in jeopardy, they had to change professions to earn a living. We present a selection of Hollywood actors who were able to achieve success in film after a series of failures.

Tom Cruise

One of the most popular Hollywood actors grew up in a very poor family. Also, from an early age, Tom had a lot of complexes: he suffered from dyslexia and suffered from low growth. To give yourself the confidence of the boy who signed up for the theater club, and then wanted to become an actor. But, at the beginning of his career, he was haunted by mere failures. Roles were only offered occasionally. And only a few years later, the actor noticed and offered him a more serious role. Success did not take long, and Tom was able to become a star on a global scale.

Gerard Butler

The path to success of the Scottish actor was very thorny. Since early childhood, Gerard dreamed of becoming a career film actor. And even in childhood, several times appeared on the screens. However, a mother who alone raised children was against such a profession for her son, so Butler was educated as a lawyer. He managed to get a job at a major law firm. But Gerard’s soul did not lie to this profession at all, he dreamed of movies. All attempts to get into the frame were unsuccessful. The roles he was offered were very small.

Against this background, he was depressed, addicted to alcohol, was fired and even several times was on the verge of life and death. Soon he managed to get a job as an assistant casting manager. During one of his auditions, Butler asked to be listened to. The director was delighted with his game and gave him the lead role. That’s how Gerard started his career in Hollywood.

Harrison Ford

This is hard to believe, but the popular American actor was not smooth at the beginning of the creative path. As a college student, Harrison noticed the director and invited him to the movies. The films in which the young Ford starred were a failure. After these failures, the actor took a job as a carpenter. One day, Harrison came to the call, to fix the closet. The customer was a famous director, who was just looking for an actor for his film. It was Ford who caught his attention. This time the actor was waiting for worldwide success.

Ben Affleck

The actor could not achieve recognition in the film industry for a long time. For the first time, the whole world talked about Ben thanks to his affair with Jennifer Lopez. But that relationship soon came to a halt. Later, the actor linked his life with actress Jennifer Garner. Failure in the movie Affleck compensated with alcohol, which later led to addiction. And only the role of Batman helped the actor not only to get rid of the bad habit but also to gain wide popularity.

Jim Carrey

The childhood of the famous comedian was very difficult. His parents were very poor, and the family was constantly experiencing financial difficulties. So Jim had to start working early. He had to change several professions. In parallel, the young man dreamed of a career comedian and tried himself in various stand-up castings, but failed for a long time. Once, the young man drew the attention of the director of one institution, where Jim once again tried his hand as a comedian. The man took Carrey under his patronage and made him a star of the club. And soon he made his debut in the movies.

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