Alain Delon and Romy Schneider

One of the most popular sex symbols of the last century was famous for its love affairs with the first beauties. The affair with Romy, an actress of French-German origin, touched the nerves of both and went down in history as one of the most sparkling and painful.

It all began with the filming of “Christine”: not yet known to anyone Delon met twenty-year-old Romy Schneider on the gangway plane, which arrived in Paris. The young beauty at that time already had a suite of suitors and a wide reputation for their first roles in the film, and therefore the relationship between the couple was at first not smooth: ruffled and scrappy Alain Delon tried to conquer the cold and boring early success Romy. The girl had to break off the relationship with his family and move to Paris on their own. There she began to share a modest room in a hotel on the banks of the Seine, along with a rising star of cinema young Delon.

Actors got engaged in March 1959, but their lives were turbulent: wilful Delon envied the success of his chosen one, rolling up her scandals, Romy, in turn, was fervently jealous of his film partners. Their romance ended after Delon cheating with the actress Natalie Barthelemy.

Romy Schneider is married to playwright Harry Mayen. Both marriages on the side did not last long: after shooting the movie “Swimming Pool” feelings between Delon and Schneider flashed again. Alain divorced his wife, immersed in a series of easy novels, Romy survived the suicide of her husband, the death of her beloved son, addicted to alcohol, but still loved Alain Delon.

Both maintained scandalous relationships throughout life, unable to break up with each other forever.

The diva passed away at 43, exhausted by depression and suffering from the effects of alcohol abuse and antidepressants. A medical examination confirmed the version of suicide, but the press wrote about death due to heart failure. The inconsolable Alain took three postmortem pictures of her former lover, with whom she has not parted to this day.

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