At my son’s school meeting

I was at my son’s school meeting today (4th grade). I sat down with the father of my friend John.

Half of the meeting the class teacher blamed us for the behavior of our children, in particular, for the fact that they bullet with rubber bands. A respectable teacher poked me with a pharmacy rubber band in my nose and then left her on the table.

My desk neighbor (a respectable man of 45 years old) took the rubber band in his hands and started to stretch it, I decided to take it away for some reason… So we shot this “thing” (accidentally) right into the neck of the teacher. But it was still half a day, then my neighbor grabbed me by the hand, and with a scream “go away! “… pulled me out of the classroom into the hallway. After a few moments, there was a deafening laugh from the classroom.  I  came home early. But my son will go to school tomorrow… He came home early. But my son went to school tomorrow…

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