Grandfather: A fairy tale

Grandpa’s got a lot of shabby. He saw badly, heard badly; his arms and legs trembled from old age: he carried a spoon to his mouth and the soup splattered.

His son and daughter-in-law didn’t like it: they stopped putting his father at the table, locked him up in a stove, and fed him from a clay cup. The old man’s hands were stuck, the cup fell and broke. Their son and daughter-in-law got angry at the old man and began to feed their father from an old wooden bowl.

The old man’s son had his little son. Once a boy sits on the floor and puts something out of the chips.

— What are you doing, childish? — My mother asked him.

— Box, the child answers. — This is how you and your aunt will grow old, and I will feed you from a wooden box.

Father and mother looked over and blushed. They’ve stopped hiding the old man by the oven, feeding him from a wooden cup.

Get your grandfather on the stove, your grandchildren will get you hooked.

Respect the old man: you’ll be old yourself.

Konstantin Ushinsky

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