How a dog found me a husband

Since childhood, I dreamed of having a dog and at the age of 36, my dream came true. I accidentally got an eight-year-old dog.

Educated, smart, trained. Anyway, not a dog, but halva in chocolate. It’s not a little “halva”. It’s a 150-pound English mastiff.

In just a month, I got very attached to a new friend, and he took me under his patronage. On walks behaved just perfectly, did not pull the leash, did not react to the other dogs, and shut me off with his body from suspicious personalities.

The former owner would occasionally come and visit an old friend and sometimes walk with him. The dog was friendly, played beautifully with the kids in the street, and was not offended when they pulled his ears.

On one of the winter days, they went for another walk. There was terrible ice outside. I’m holding the wrong dog, I’m holding the wrong leash, we’re walking somehow. At some point, the dog notices a man in the distance and that it is quite unusual for him, from all legs rushing to meet, waving his tail.

I quickly decided that he noticed the old owner and rushed to him, not even trying to restrain him. And to hold a dog of this size with my 45 kg of weight is an unrealistic task. We go to a passerby, the dog runs, I’m driving on ice.

The man stops at the side of the road, raising his hands, and suddenly shouts with a falsetto, “What the hell is this?” I get the idea that I’m no bullshit, I’m a lady with a dog, but I already know it’s not the boss. A complete bystander who, judging by the falsetto, is very scared.

I commanded it to “stand” – the dog froze a few inches from the man. After apologizing, we continued the walk. To be exact, we tried to continue. All the men caught in our way, met the same jogger with a joyful face and waving his tail. 60 minutes of walking turned into a nightmare. The dog runs, I hang on a leash, passers-by are frightened. I never thought that so many big and strong men could speak with a thin voice.

The last man we ran into wasn’t surprised. I stroked the dog and asked about the breed. The dog stuck to him as if he were his own. We met and the three of us walked for the rest of the time. My pet stopped hitting passers-by. He must have found who he was looking for.

Harry started to accompany us on our walks from time to time. He did for a month. We talked, laughed, and had fun. It turns out that my large and independent dog tired of purely female society and that day, not just ugly, and looking for a master, and me, at the same time, a husband. And it found one.

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