I was passive, and I became an active vegan

For several years now, I’ve been a convinced vegetarian. Unlike many of my comrades-in-arms who have given up meat products, I don’t campaign for vegan food. I live in peace, I eat the food of plant origin, I don’t disturb anyone. But my relatives “with prejudices” all could not accept my position in life.

Whenever I came to visit my parents or uncle with my aunt, it immediately began: “Still chewing weed? You’re our rabbit! Have you changed your mind yet? Would you like some meat? It’s useful! A man should eat meat!” and everything like that. As much as I try to explain to them that I can’t physically eat killed animals, it’s like they haven’t heard. They weren’t impressed with the various arguments about how they were feeling either.

Naturally, my every refusal to eat any meat, also cooked with plenty of oil and mayonnaise, is slightly offensive. They say we’ve tried, and you… Whenever I was served a salad, I wanted to finish this dinner party as soon as possible and go home. And as time went by, I was less and less able to communicate with my relatives live because I was tired!

And recently my father went to the hospital with some kind of stomach disease. He was rescued, of course, but he has prescribed a strict diet of feces and salads. In other words, nothing fried, salty, spicy, floury, etc. Oh, how he was worried about that! Mom, of course, cooked his food according to the doctors’ instructions, but it was clear that Dad wouldn’t last long.

So one day he decided that his illness had gone away and went with his friends to some barbeque. There they were ordering a bunch of kebabs, beer, vodka, and stuff. Of course, when Dad was brought home drunk and happy, he had an acute attack… Anyway, he died in the hospital a few days after the incident. You can say that he just drank and it had nothing to do with meat… I know what he died from!

Since then, I’ve become a very active vegan who tells this story to everyone he meets and promotes the complete rejection of meat.

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