I’m an Internet addict… What should I do?

I realized I had a real Internet addiction last summer when I went out to sea with my husband. We stopped in the middle of nowhere.

The mobile Internet was so bad, you could say it was gone.

Wi-Fi in the hotel seemed to be free, but it wasn’t much use either. I tried to find out the weather for 10 minutes until I smashed my Smartphone against the wall. I have to say, my husband was pretty scared at the time. I had a natural psychological breakdown.

We sat at sea for a week without the Internet. Saying it was hard for me? No, come on… It was just terrible! I used to check the news sites every hour, my Facebook page, of course, my mail. It’s a bunch! And everyone’s not really important. Although I’m just now realizing that I do all kinds of nonsense on the Internet.

No, I don’t spend hours of my time watching movies or playing games. I just go from one page to another, flip through the news, stupid posts in the series “how to save your time”, add to my favorite posts about learning German. I’ve always wanted to learn a third language, but there’s not enough time for that. I feel like it’s never going to be enough. Only now I’ve calculated that I’ve added 34 positions on learning German to my chosen one. Do you know how many of them I’ve read? Zero!

I realize I’m wasting my life on some nonsense. But I really got sucked up. How do I get rid of this bad habit? I think I could have gone to a psychologist, but to be honest, I’m ashamed… I’m ashamed my husband finds out I’m seeing a psychologist. It’s embarrassing in front of my girlfriends, though I know I’ll never give up surfing the Internet.

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