“It’s all because of nerves…”

When my sister and I were little, we used to play doctors a lot. First, I treated her and my sister portrayed her as a patient, then we changed roles and the doctor was already portrayed by my sister.

My sister was younger and not particularly imaginative, so whatever the imaginary diagnosis she made, always added meaningfully: “It’s all because of the nerves, I’ll prescribe you good pills … get better”. And that’s how she treated my leg all the time: it’s for my nerves, my head hurts, my nerves… And for a long time, she’s treated me like that, probably for over a year.

Many years have passed since then… We grew up, we have our children, we already have real, not fictional pains… And, one day, when I was visiting my sister, she felt sick… It seems that the pressure jumped a lot: my sister got sick. I put her down and called an ambulance. The doctor came, listened, measured the pressure, gave her a pill … The nurse sits next to me, fills out the medical records; I stand with the documents and continue an epic dialogue between my sister and the doctor:

– Doctor, what’s wrong with me? Why did it get so bad?!

– It’s hard to say, but it looks like everything is because of the nerves…

And my sister and I start laughing wildly… out of control…

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