I’ve lived my whole life and have no real friends

I’m 64 years old, the kids are all grown up. They already have kids of their own. Most of their relatives are dead. I don’t regret anything except that I’ve never been able to make real friends in my whole life.

There were friends at school, but it’s true… There were some friends when they were kids. But we were separated from them by fate. We didn’t see each other when we grew up. I stopped coming to my classmates’ meetings because we had nothing in common. We’re completely different people who have absolutely nothing in common. We have different views on life, different attitudes, we’re just different. Is that okay? I think it is.

But it’s a pity that the friends who showed up at the institute didn’t become real friends. Someone was just looking for the benefits of a “friendly” relationship, someone disappeared.

It’s not good at work, you only talk to people for the rest of your shift. If you go out to the countryside on kebabs, all talk is about work. No hobbies in common, no hobbies in common.

It’s a shame that some so-called friends appeared to use the services: to help fill the foundation or drag furniture, but just to communicate – it is not.

There were even two supposedly friends. But after it turned out that one so-called friend had written a denunciation to the police about something I didn’t do at all. It was as if I was growing hemp. The police didn’t find anything. I’d be surprised if they found anything because I never held drugs in my hand.

And the other “friend” tried to sleep with my wife. Rolled up to her when I wasn’t home. My wife told me about it. I didn’t even want to believe it at first, and then I asked my friend “was or wasn’t. He confessed that he was hitting on her. I naturally hit him in the jaw. And I hit him so hard that I broke his jaw. He took the beating off and wrote a statement to the police. Even though the court was, but I was acquitted.

That’s all. I hope you have real friends, not personalities who remember you when it comes to helping or borrowing money.


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