Movement is life!

I wanted to do a small evening run – stretch my legs, clear my lungs. There is a forest 2000 ft away, so I went there.

I decided to run at an average pace, but I accelerated every 10 minutes. On another acceleration, I saw a friend. In five seconds, she saw me too. She waved at me to say hello. And I pull my headphones out of my ears and scream:

– Run… Run after me, silly, if you want to live!

My frightened girlfriend instantly turned up the pace. They ran about two kilometers at a crazy pace. Suddenly I stopped.

– Who? Who’s been chasing you? Did somebody want to kill you?

– No, nobody! After all, movement is life!

It’s spinning at the temple. Said I was a fool, laughed. After the walk, I had to give her two teas for my prank.

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