The raising of Lazarus from the dead

Jesus Christ not only healed the sick but even raised the dead. How, you ask, is it possible to make the dead alive?

Yes, I’ll answer that, can you? True, we humans are not able to do it, but Jesus Christ can, because you already know, He is the Son of God and as almighty as His Heavenly Father.

Many dead people have risen from the dead by the word of the Lord Jesus Christ. But listen to how He raised a virtuous man named Lazarus. You may remember that Jesus Christ was in the house of this man who had sisters Martha and Mary.

It was a very kind and godly family. Both his brother and sisters believed that Jesus was the Son of God, prayed to Him, and loved Him. One day, Lazarus got very sick. The sisters sent him to tell the Lord about it.

When the sisters told Jesus Christ about Lazarus’ disease, He replied: “This disease is not to death, but the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it! – and did not go to visit Lazarus until two days later. At that time Lazarus was already dead, and the Lord knew about it. On the way Jesus Christ told his disciples:

– Lazarus, our friend, fell asleep, and I go to wake him up. When a seriously ill person falls asleep firmly, quietly, it is considered a good sign, and after such a dream the sick often recover. So the Lord’s disciples, when they heard that Lazarus fell asleep, said:

– Lord, if Lazarus fell asleep, he will be healthy.

Then Christ told them simply:

– Lazarus is dead. But I rejoice over it because now you have to make sure and believe that I am the Son of God. Let’s go to Lazarus.

As Christ was approaching Lazarus’ house, Martha ran towards him and said, crying:

– Lord, if you were here, my brother would not die. But I believe that if you ask God, Heavenly Father, He will fulfill Your request. Christ the Savior answered her:

– Your brother will rise again.

– He will certainly rise,” replied Martha, “when all the dead will rise.

The Savior said this:

– I give life and resurrection. Whoever believes in me will never die. Do you believe in me?

– I believe, Lord, that You are the Son of God, who came to the world, – said Martha.

At that time a lot of people gathered at Lazarus’ house. They all sympathized with the grief of the poor sisters, Martha and Mary, who were very sorrowful for their brother’s death. Jesus Christ, looking at them, could not help himself and cry. Many spoke at the same time:

– Look how much He loves Lazarus! But why did He heal so many of the sick and not come to help Lazarus?

Jesus Christ asked:

– Where did you bury him?

He answered:

– Lord, let’s go and see!

Jesus came to the grave and told him to take the stone away from the entrance. Then he lifted his eyes to heaven, prayed and said:

– Father, I thank you that you heard me! I know that you always hear me, but let the people who stand near you understand.

Then the Lord added louder:

– Lazarus, get out of the grave!

What had not been seen before was accomplished: dead Lazarus became alive, came up, and left the tomb. Then Christ said:

– Untie Lazarus, take off his funeral clothes, and let him go into the house!

Now many Jews, who had seen this miracle, believed that Jesus is the true God.

But this love and faith of the people in Christ became an irritant to the Jewish priests, who envied Jesus Christ, and from that time on they sought an opportunity to kill him.

“The Bible in Stories for Children” by P. N. Vozdvizhensky

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