Work takes up all the time and energy

I do not understand how people lead active social and cultural life when they are fully busy with work. Let me explain what I mean.

There’s a group of office plankton, among which I am. We all work the same number of hours a day, we all have the same number of weekends and the same salary, but somehow someone has the strength, money and time to do everything, and I can’t even buy new sneakers, because you have to go to the mall to do it. The thing is, when I come home from work, I drop dead on the sofa and that’s it. I eat something easy to cook, lie in bed, take a shower, and then go to bed. Sometimes I can’t even call my parents or my girlfriend. Nothing.

I come to work in the morning, and what do I see? One was in the theater yesterday, the other – in a bar rested and now from a hangover, and the third in general had time to go to the next town, did not sleep all night, and now on energy fun, though tired. They can go to the gym three times a week or in the mornings, run before work, how?! How does it happen? I’m crawling out of the office by the end of the day without any desire to live! The maximum I can afford is a bottle of Coke and a new series of my favorite series on the Internet, and then no later than eleven, otherwise I won’t wake up later.

The job takes too much effort away from me. And the fact that I’m not social also affects relationships with other guys and colleagues. They often get together somewhere on weekends, and I used to be called all the time, but I constantly refused, so they do not call now. And I would like to go, but on the weekend it is always laundry, cleaning, parents need to visit, grocery shopping for the whole week. And that’s how life goes – nothing interesting.


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