Cool way to pick up a girl

It was freshman year, in the fall. It was the very beginning of student life, the dorm, and new friends.

I got used to it pretty quickly, on the very first evening with the girls, and the duties were distributed around the room, and I realized who was closer to whom in spirit. We became friends with Susan right away because we were similar in character. It just so happened that Misty and Jennifer, the other two girls, were on the sidelines somehow, and I and Susan (two years older than me) became best friends.

One day after class, we’d go back to our dorm. Right before the last crossing, a traffic light broke down and cars were standing on the road in a big traffic jam. Susan and I didn’t see the trick and got up at the crossing to wait for our green one.

It was hot, the sun was blazing so high. We’d been standing for five minutes, talking, not watching for a while. And then the driver of one car opened a window and asked:

– You girls want to buy some makeup?

It turned out that his sister worked as a distributor of Avon cosmetics, and left a catalogue in his car. The situation turned out to be comical. Cars were beeping, pedestrians were crowded, waiting for the green, and we stood and discussed nail polish and styling products with an unknown guy.

Susan was a brave girl, falling on the poor guy with questions. He didn’t know the answer to because he knew as much about makeup as I did about machine oil.

We asked for his sister’s phone number and wrote it down. The guy made us a promise that we’d call and make sure we ordered something.

A year later, Susan and this stranger invited me to the wedding.

That’s how unexpected twists of fate happen. You never know where you’ll meet your love – in the bread line or in a traffic jam.

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