I fell asleep on the bus and met love

I want to tell you the story of my acquaintance with my future wife. It happened last winter.

You know, I’m the type of man called “bear” – in winter I sleep all the time, every free minute. I work at a vending machine, meet friends, go to the store, but I sleep for the rest of the time.

That night I was detained at work and returned home at about 9 pm. My stop is final, you can’t pass by it, so I fell asleep leaning against the window with my head. There weren’t too many people, the rush hour passed, so I slept pretty sweet and relaxed. I don’t get it when a girl sits up there. I slept so hard that I couldn’t hear or feel anything.

When I woke up, I realized that my head was resting on something soft, and I was hugging someone with my hand behind my belt. My first thought was how I have failed. I lift my head – I see my mouth rewound with a scarf and my big eyes blue, looking either with mockery or warmth. Anyway, the girl sat down next to me at one of the stops, and I must have been impressed by another dream and leaned on her like a pillow. And then I hugged her!

When I later asked her why she hadn’t pushed me away, she replied that she had never seen people who enjoyed sleeping like that.

– You looked as if you hadn’t slept in ten years, she said.

And, you know, that winter suddenly stopped being so sleepy. We met and exchanged numbers, after which I couldn’t sleep at all – I fell in love like the first time. We are still together, and there is a great story of acquaintance, which can be told to children and grandchildren.


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