It’s not all about the money

I have a friend, a pretty famous businessman in our city, who by the age of 34 has achieved a lot: several brand-name clothing stores, cars, apartments in different cities, built a big house for parents.

He achieved everything by himself, with sweat and blood. He’s been coming to this result since university. I have terrible respect for his purposefulness, always trying to look up to this person when I wanted to achieve something. Well, he has everything except for his personal life.

It bothers me terribly because we’ve been friends for quite a while, we’ve been through a lot together, I’ve seen him start his business and go bankrupt a couple of times. I’ve seen him try to start from scratch and make mistakes. I watched him go up and he started making his first profit. Unfortunately, in that time I’ve never seen him in a relationship and it’s been over 10 years. I know that everything is ahead, and 34 years for a man are ridiculous numbers, but it’s so hard to look at him and see the sadness in his eyes. When he comes to my house, sees me and my husband and kids happy, he always smiles so happy, and then, having a little drink, says:

– I envy you, Betty, with white envy.

He’s a rather secretive man. I don’t know what his problem is – either he doesn’t want to let a woman into his life, or he’s afraid that they only want money from him. But he’s unhappy in his loneliness, you can see that. He’s not trying to change anything. And there’s nothing I can do – not turn into a matchmaker and look for a bride for his mother’s children?

Why am I saying all this? Yes, money decides a lot of things now, but in pursuit of them we somehow completely forget about simple human happiness. Don’t be like my friend – think about your peace of mind too.

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