Take the brick!

A former colleague of mine told the case. He’s more like a joke, though it would be really hard to come up with one.

A colleague worked as a department chief at an electronics supermarket. One day, he was replacing an administrator. In the morning, a man showed up with a large enough bag. The dissatisfied client was outraged by the fact that they had put an extra load into the washing machine he had bought to increase his weight. “Take the brick!” – …a man shouted at the whole hall… Comrade tried for a long time to get into the problem, called the seller, movers, storekeeper, and with difficulty, but it turned out …

The buyer chose a conventional front load washer. Everyone who used it, and especially – moved or installed, knows that the washing machine is a heavy thing, and it can only be dragged, but not lifted.

In the shop, overall goods were delivered around the city free of charge, but only to the entrance, on the floors of the movers already carried for an additional fee. The conditions are quite acceptable, and they were usually told about as sellers and cashiers. The troubled buyer was delivered the washing machine on the day of purchase, and by the evening, he had already met the car downstairs. The loaders pulled out the packed machine, and from that moment on the complaints began:

– And why is the washing machine packed, are you hiding something?

– No, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, and it’s going to be better…

– What if it’s not inside?

– So we’ll open it up, show it, but can we take it to the apartment first? It’s not like unpacking on the street…

– Will you take it for free?

– No, they brought it here for free, then it was for money.

– Then I’ll take it myself!

The big guys looked over, valuing the complex of a bad man.

– The washer weighs 110 pounds, you can’t move it! Any friends or neighbors? Get one strong one to help…

– I know for a fact that the washing machine can’t be that heavy! There’s a plastic tank!

– Well, take it and carry it! – The movers couldn’t stand it, and the car turned around quickly.

It would seem that this story is over – a stubborn and economical man is tormented, and will find an assistant to drag a useful household appliance to his floor, but the man was not so easy …

He went home, grabbed his tools, and broke down the body of his laundry, looking for a reason for this weight. And he found it! Inside each machine, there are special weights so that at a speed of a thousand revolutions per minute it did not fly to the neighbors, of course, these “stones” and give a significant part of the total weight.

Our craftsman removed such a “brick” and returned it to the store, demanding that it be compensated for the excess weight, which “was specially added so that it was impossible to transport alone and take money for the skid on the floor. The quote is true, and the phrase “take the brick!” has since been regularly heard in that supermarket when selling washing machines, becoming part of corporate humor.

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