The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Listen, children, what an interesting story Jesus Christ told about the good father and disobedient son.

One rich and good man had two sons. The youngest of them was very lazy and disobedient. He insulted his father many times with his antics and finally told him once:

– Father, give me my share of all my possessions; I want to dispose of them myself!

The good father has allocated to it the following part, and the son has taken money and property and has left in another country.

There he found foolish friends and had feasts with them every day. He bought sweet, expensive food and wine, and wore luxurious clothes.

Every day he played music and did not want to work, but only ate, drank, and had fun.

Soon, however, he spent all the money he had received from his father, wasted all his possessions, and began to be in need. By the way, there was a crop failure and famine in that region where he lived.

The prodigal son did not even have a piece of bread, and no one wanted to help him.

Seeing that it was a bad thing, he decided to go to work. But he did not know how to do anything, because when his peers were studying, he only walked and had fun. Then he came to a man and said:

– Be so kind, take me to your shepherds!

– Why is that? – said the master. – Go and graze my pigs, but only feed as you know, and the food that I give to pigs, do not you dare touch! After them, you can pick up the leftovers.

The poor guy was happy about that too. That’s what makes you feel good! The poor young man has come to his senses. Sitting in a field by the pigs, hungry, torn and barefoot, he cried and said to himself:

– How many servants my father has, and they are all fed and clothed, and I am starving. I will go to my father and say to him, “My father, I have sinned before God and before you, and am unworthy to be called your son. At least accept me as your servant.”

Soon he did: he gathered and went to his homeland. The father saw his poor son from afar and ran towards him. He hugged and kissed him and cried with joy. This was not the kind of reception his son expected, and he felt ashamed. He told his father:

– I have sinned to God and to you, dear father, and am not worthy that you should consider me your son. Take me to be at least one of your servants.

But the father has ordered the servants:

– Bring me the best clothes and put on my dear son; give him a ring on his hand, cut the best calf, we will have fun, because my son died, and now he is risen, lost and found!

How fervently loved this good father of his unfit son! How he rejoiced when he saw his heartfelt repentance! How gladly he forgave him!

Thus, dear children, our heavenly Father, God, loves us all with this love and forgives us if we have done wrong, and then repent and ask His forgiveness.

“The Bible in Stories for Children” by P. N. Vozdvizhensky

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