I was single up to 40 years old. I thought I wasn’t getting married at all

I remember my fortieth birthday well. It was Saturday. An ordinary Saturday that was no different than any other Saturday. I made myself a coffee, pulled out of the fridge an eclair, and started having breakfast.

I remember sitting there sipping fragrant coffee, and I thought, “You’ll die alone, you’ll die alone…”.

Even the sweet eclair didn’t stop the sadness.

I washed the dishes. And I kept thinking, “You’ll die alone…”

Apparently, it was that special festive moping, which often visited me on New Year’s Day, Christmas, and May holidays. It was always a change of activity that helped me cope with my longing. On my birthday, I decided to break the usual ritual and refused to stop watching the next series.

There was no plan, I just brushed my teeth and went to the park.

I picked a bench in the shade near the lake. And he sat down. Didn’t do anything, just stared at the ducks. How long did you sit there? I don’t know, a couple of hours, I guess. I came to my senses from the rumbling in my stomach. I was hungry. I went to the nearest hot dog stand. There was a pretty lady in her twenties behind the counter.

– What can I get you?

– Can I take you?

– — ???

– Well, if you don’t mind, why don’t you keep me company, because I’m sick of ducks.

The girl laughed. She made me a delicious hot dog. And what a surprise it was when I saw the number on the napkin.

I called it in. The same girl who made me a hot dog picked up the phone.

By the way, we were sitting in that shop I spent the first half of the day in. Only this time I was talking to a beautiful hot dog saleswoman. I’m usually very silent, but that night I got jokes, funny cases from life, and, of course, compliments.

The next day we met again… and the next day… It was beautiful. Nobody could get me out of a permanent coma. And this girl could. And she didn’t even have to do anything.

By the way, do you remember when I mentioned that she looked like she was about twenty-five? Turns out she recently celebrated her thirty-second birthday. A unique woman… How does she manage to look so young? Could it be hormones and love? Still… But it’s so nice to wake up in the morning and see her now)))

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