Why do people leave so many evil comments online?

I have left no evil comments online under the stars’ photos. Seriously.

Wrote only under the posts of friends, and then limited to the usual likes. But sometimes I go to the pages of beautiful girl-bloggers, with an audience of a million. They have thousands of likes, a lot of fans and comments. But if I read these signatures from people, my eyes are on my face.

Remember, there used to be trolls who wrote anonymous and vicious comments on websites. I used to sit on a forum, too, which wasn’t there. Someone specifically came to the chat room to fight, but for this purpose, there were separate topics, where they communicated only with the help of mats and insults. But now people don’t even hide their profiles, openly insulting others!

Why and why? Do they have much free time? Why condemn someone else’s appearance and way of life? If you hate someone, don’t go to their page! Who needs your opinion at all? And a lot of disgruntled women who can envy the beauty and popularity of stars, and men! Why do they get mad at beautiful ladies who show their pictures on social networks?

Most of the evil commentators in life would never risk opening their mouths and saying something similar and aggressive to their faces, at least I hope so, but online everything goes unpunished.

Why do people write negative comments to stars?

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