I’m a mature man, and afraid of thunderstorms

I was always afraid of thunderstorms. It wasn’t such a problem before, but now this phobia (it turns out that it’s called brontophobia) spoils my life very much.

I’m 24 years old. I work in a glass workshop. To be more precise, I worked in a glass workshop. One day, in the middle of the working day, a big storm broke out.

The thunder started to shake so much that the glass started to shiver. Needless to say, at that moment I started a real panic attack.

I don’t know how, but I even peed myself in fear. For my colleagues not to rustle about it, I had to run outside quickly so that the rain would cover up the urine traces on my pants.

My friends joked afterward that I was a real fan of the rain because I was the only one who ran outside during the heavy thunder.

After that incident, things got worse.

Now even a little thunder causes just a wild panic. I even had to quit my job because I couldn’t clearly explain to my superiors why I had been home for 20 days in the fall. I’m just wildly afraid to leave home on days when it can rain with thunderstorms. I’m insanely afraid to wet myself on public transport or at work…

He went to a psychologist. I went to psychotherapy sessions for a month. In the end, I’m still afraid of thunder, but now I’m out of money.

It’s worth noting that when I’m drunk, I don’t feel much fear of thunder. But, man… I can’t get drunk every time there’s a thunderstorm, and it’s not going to help with my work. I’d rather get fired for truancy than a drunk.

Some people are afraid of heights, some people are afraid of spiders, and I’m like a little girl… afraid of ordinary thunderstorms. The most paradoxical thing is that I understand the irrationality of such fear, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

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